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Born and raised on the central coast (Santa Maria) to be exact, Tina began her artistic studies at the ripe young age of 6 in Folkorico and Tap dance. As years progressed, so did her interests towards Jazz, Contemporary and Free Style Hip Hop.  After graduating high school, Tina continued her dance studies and performed in numerous big production shows at Marian Theatre  also offering up her originally choreographed pieces.  


With an undoubtable love for music she was taken under the wing by the largest DJ company on the central coast and was hired as the companies first female dj. (1990!)

After hanging up her dance shoes, Tina jumped into show performances, taking part in a Los Angeles-based drag troup,The Sugar Daddy Show choreographing numbers and playing numerous characters.  After the troop’s three-year run, Tina hung up her Knickers n Spirit gum to advance her DJ skills on todays current equipment and educate herself at Audiograph International where she studied Audio and Sound Engineering and became the first female at her school to become a Certified ProTools Operator.


"I can't go a day without music. My parents had Studio 54 albums when I was a kid. I couldn't get enough of them. Those old albums had a huge impact on my love for music" 


Oh, did we mention, she also plays the drums and writes and sings her own songs?!? Exactly how many threats is that?? 1,2,3,4..?? 


Currently, Tina can be seen mixing it up behind her turntables at Coin OP in San Diego or kicking it up at karaoke !?!



DJ    Tina 



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